Thirty years of caring

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MOBILE HOSPITAL: The vehicle where Peter Higgins says they are able to begin treatment for accident and injury victims to save lives immediately.“It starts from the time we pull up,” Inverell intensive care paramedicPeter Higgins says, sitting at the edge of one of the chairs at the Otho Street ambulance station.
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“And when a job works well, it’s really, really rewarding, and to know you’ve made a difference in that person’s life.”

This year sees Peter at the 30-year mark as district ambo,and the warm,effusive 49-year-old seems to have no plans to slow down.

He loves his work, and looks forward to getting back on the job at the tail end of every holiday.

As an Ashford youth, Peter initially wanted to be a nurse, but his path took him to NSW Ambulance,where he has seen the service evolve over the decades.He began his training in Sydney at a time when paramedicshad fewer resources to aid victims.

“When I first joined,you had your oxygen mask and a bit of reassurance and that was about it, but now, we’ve got that many more advanced drugs and procedures that we can do, andairway management, and defibrillation,” Petersaid.

“So it is a mobile hospital –the ambulance isn’t just a band-aid solution anymore. Advanced care happens at the home,” and he urged people to pick up the phone and dial 000 as early as possible.

Peter Higgins.

When he first took to the roads after training at about age 21, it was a steep learning curve and harsh baptism for the young paramedic.“It was single person out backthen, because, that’s just how it rolled,” he said.

“Attending major accidents with multiple deaths and horrific injuries, and waiting for people to turn up from Glen Innes or Armidale to back me up.”

It was very different to the current model of two officers on every call, but Peter said theearly experience was valuable.

“Everyone in the station’s done it, or the majority of them, but I think you got a lot more confidence in yourself, and you know that you can handle a lot more situations,” he said.

Peter took his training a step higher in 2014, becoming the firstof Inverell’s now twointensive care paramedics.

He attributedsuccess in an ambo’sthe jobto the support of family; in his case, hiswife Jodi and daughters Charlie and Georgie, his friendsand colleagues, and despite the intensity of the work, he has no plans to retire any time soon.

“It’s just the personal contact with people,” he said. “The smile at the end of the day, and I’m happy.”

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Enthusiastic faces at expo

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POSITIVE: Phillip James enjoys a game of ‘kerplunk’, helping to stimulate brain activity.
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The 2016 Positive Ageing Expo showed no matter what your age, anyone can be a spring chicken.

And to do this you can exercise your body, and your mind.

The expo promotedthe diverse range of activities and programs thecommunity has to offer for people following retirement.

Around 40 stalls were on show including fitness classes, dexterity-stimulating games and information on vital services.

Sprout duo, celebrity chef Callum Hann and dietitian Themis Chryssidis put on live demonstrations to help promote healthy eating.

Themis said biggest challenge facing those after retirement is one facing a lot of people but one that can be tackled.

“Whether or not fresh food is available, the price as well and even the quality, I think those are the main challenges,” he said.

“But that just means we need to be a bit more proactive, we need to plan. It means you need to ensure your skills are taken into consideration, you need to think a little bit outside the square.”

The Partnerships in Positive Ageing (PiPA) Group is a partnership formed by local service providers as recommended in the Port Augusta City Council’s Ageing Strategy 2007-2012 “Making Port Augusta a Better Place to Grow Older”.

The group has participation from providers of aged care services, assessment, carer support, education and training, as well as government representatives.

These aged care stakeholders work together to identify local priorities for older people and implement relevant projects.

The Royal Society for the Blind stand offered great information and products, including a text-to-speech device.

In the form of reading glasses, it uses tiny cameras and speakers,allowing users to recognise abanknote, newspaper or dinner menu with the point of a finger.

At the price of $6000, it may deter some but it’s capabilities are hard to ignore.

The 2016 Positive Ageing Expo has the following objectives:

Promote health and wellbeing.Support social connection.Encourage opportunities for skill development and skills sharing.Foster community engagement.Project Officer Far North Collaborative ProjectTiffany Davies said the expo is an important community event.

“It’s about keeping people socially active and engaged in what’s going on intheir communities,” she said.

“And making them aware about what services are available to help them live longer and independently in their own homes.

“We’ve previously had around 350 last time we held the event at Central Oval so we’rehoping for around 300 people today.”

Whether it’s new technology, a new way to keep fit or a new way to stimulate the mind, there are plenty of services available to current and future retirees in Port Augusta.

Enthusiastic faces at expo EXPO: Andrew Davies, Heahter Sheldon.

EXPO: Adam Hooper and Janine Haynes.

EXPO: Sandra Daldry, Jeff Sanderson.

POSITIVE: Lisa Unnasch helping Phillip James enjoy a game of ‘Kerplunk’, helping stimulate brain activity.

EXPO: Peter Hall, Brian Reichelt.

EXPO: Mark Northway, Bradd Duhring.

EXPO: A group of Port Augusta locals getting into their fitness.

EXPO: Mary Morris, Lyn Wakefield, Barbara Martin.

EXPO: Dyke Davis, Neil Edwards, Trevor Newman.

EXPO: Themis Chryssidis and Callum Hann.

EXPO: Gareth Baker, Anne, Linley Shine, Maralyn Marsh.

EXPO: Irene Coppley, Belinda Coller.

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Wolves ready to strike

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CALLED UP: Young cricketer Nathan Tang has been named in this weekend’s Country Plate side that will take on Griffith. Photo: Ron Arel LEETON’S senior representative team will roll the dice this weekend when they take on Griffith in the Country Plate.
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The Wolves have selected a team with a mix of both youth and experience.

Some members of the side will also be playing their first match of the season due to cancelled rounds and a club bye.

Captain Jarryd Day was hopeful that wouldn’t affect their chances against their traditional rivals.

“It should be a pretty interesting game,” he said.

“We’ve got some of the younger kids coming up and having a crack.

“There’s Nathan Tang and Hugh Collins, both are good players.

“Jamo Booth is another one …he’s always good during Saturday games, so hopefully he can bring that to the senior rep level.

“Nathan Lanham is usually pretty consistent.Those younger players should hopeful mix well with our experience.”

The Wolves enjoyed a decent representative season in 2015-16, which included making the Creet Cup grand final and defeating Griffith in the O’Farrell Cup.

“I’d say they (Griffith) will be wanting to get one back over us after we beat them in O’Farrell last year,” Day said.

“Griffith have been playing cricket while we haven’t, so they are probably a good fortnight ahead of us when it comes to match fitness.Hopefully that doesn’t have too much of an impact.”

Narrandera’s Jake Anderson has also made himself available for representative selection this season.

“He’ll definitely be a boost,” Day said. “I would say he’s one of the best bowlers in the competition and he’s also good with the bat.

“It’s good to have all-rounders in the team.”Yanco Sportsground will host the fixture on Sunday.

It will be used for the first time this season on Saturday in the A grade match between Yanco Cricket Club and the Phantoms.

Day was confident in pitch.“It’s usually a pretty decent wicket out there, I think it’s held up alright (with the weather),” he said.

Leeton side: Nathan Tang, Nathan Lanham, Brent Lawrence, Nathan Carn, Jarryd Day, Hugh Collins, Jameson Booth, Jake Anderson, Josh Carn, Billy Dickinson and Toby Daniels.

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Recycling scheme on the way

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NSW consumers will receive a 10-cent refund for recycling bottles and cans from July 2017. Photo: Domino PostiglioneFrom July 2017 community groups will be able to swap their cans and bottles for cash after the10-cent Container Deposit Scheme legislationthrough Parliament yesterday (October 19, 2016).
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“The Container Deposit Scheme’s introduction fulfils a key election commitment and will help the Government to meet the Premier’s Priority goal of reducing litter in NSW by 40 per cent by 2020,” Member for Oxley Melinda Pavey said.

The Waste and Resource Recovery Amendment (Container Deposit Scheme)Act2016 paves the way for a cost-effective, best-practice scheme that will benefit both the community and the environment.

Under the container deposit scheme:

People in NSW will be able to return empty prescribed beverage containers between 150 ml and three litres to collection points for a 10-cent refund.A single Scheme Coordinator will be responsible for the financial management of the scheme and for ensuring the scheme meets state-wide targets.Beverage suppliers will be responsible for covering the costs of refunds through agreements with the Scheme Coordinator.The Environment Minister Mark Speakman will appoint the co-ordinator in early 2017, as well as appointing Network Operators who will be responsible for the operation of the scheme.Containers not eligible for the scheme are those generally consumed at home and not typically found in the litter stream. They include plain milk, wine, pure fruit juice (more than 1 litre), health tonics and large flavoured milk containers.

Environment Minister Mark Speakman saidhe was delighted by the overwhelmingsupport from all sides ofpolitics for the NSWGovernment’s Container Deposit Scheme.

“This is something that the community has been asking their political representatives for decades and this government is finally delivering it,” Mr Speakman said.

“The 2015-2016 National Litter Index found that 49 per cent of litter by volume was made up of beverage containers – and 43 per cent of the total volume was containers that will be caught by the NSW CDS.

“This is a clear sign that there is likely to be a direct environmental benefit to our parks, waterways and beaches when the CDS comes in. Giving people a financial incentive to do the right thing will benefit everyone.”

Also applauding the scheme wasGreensNSWMPand Environment Spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC.

However, Dr Farqui did flag herdisappointment the NSW Government refused to back a range of further amendments.

“Pollution from plastic and other drink containers causes significant damage to our terrestrial and marine environments, including harm to marine animals and birds,”Dr Faruqi said.

“This is a long overdue step and a great vindication of the decades of work by campaigners and environment groups. The Government should be congratulated.

“TheGreensare strong supporters of a container deposit scheme, having campaigned for it for a long time as a real solution to reducing litter and increasing recycling.

“This is a big step forward in waste management in NSW and hopefully the next one will be a ban on the use of plastic bags.

“It is disappointing that the Government refused a range of sensible amendments I proposed that would have made the scheme more robust, effective and more convenient for consumers.

“I’m pleased to see the Government has stood up to the beverage industry who never wanted a container deposit scheme. We will be watching the implementation of this scheme carefully to ensure the beverage industry has no undue influence on the roll out of the scheme.”

More information is available atepa.nsw.gov419论坛/waste/container-deposit-scheme.htm.

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Bendigo Creek cleans up

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Efforts to improve the health of the Bendigo Creek took a step forward yesterday when the minister for water came to town.
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Minister Lisa Neville announced $330,000 towards the Bendigo Creek Project atthe regional launch of the Water for Victoria plan –designed to addressthe challenges of population growth and climate change.

Ms Neville said the Bendigo Creek Project was beingdriving in collaboration between water authorities and Dja Dja Wurrung traditional owners.

The local Aboriginal community will help identify restoration and enhancement opportunities on Dja Dja Wurrung country – including the potential for areas along the creek to be used for cultural education, she said.

“It’s going to be a great project, we’re looking at how we can make that space, that connection, that’s used very well with cycling and people really enjoying that area, making it an even more beautiful space,” she said.

Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation chief executive officerRodney Carter hailed what he described as a “significant vision”.

“For us, as a people to be involved in that, embedded back in the landscape is truly humbling and if our ancestors can still hear our voice, see what we are doing today –aside from the sadness of the opportunities that they missed out on –they’d be very proud.

For theDja Dja Wurrung, because that’s what we are trying to be as a first people, this is about bringing employment andskills.”

Bendigo Sustainability Group vice president Chris Corr said the $330,000 earmarked for the ‘Bendigo Creek Project’ was an important start –but that a full restoration would cost “many, many millions of dollars”.

“This is a good start to addressing the impacts ofclimate change, which is a real problem–we’re on track in Bendigo to have a climate like Horsham’s, which is significantly hotter and drier,” MrCorr said.

“So we’ve got to take steps to limit those impacts and creating green spaces will be a critical part of that.”

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Shane Webcke heads farm safety campaign

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Safety first: A new farm safety campaign encouraging those on the land to take adequate precautions was launched today.Industrial relations minister Grace Grace and agricultural minister Leanne Donaldson today launched an ad safety campaign to tackle high injury and death rates in the agriculture industry.
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Ms Grace said Queensland safety ambassador Shane Webcke who lost his father in a farm accident would feature in the ad campaign now running on radio and social media, in print and online.

“The death and injury rate in the agriculture industry is disproportionally higher than it is in other industries,” she said.

“Only three per cent of Queenslanders work on farms, yet nearly 30 per cent of workplace deaths occur on them.

“There are about 13 workers who lose their lives in the agriculture industry each year, with a further 1700 injured on the job.

“It’s because of these figures that we’re running this campaign to spread the message that workplace deaths and serious injuries are preventable.

“If employers and workers take a few extra seconds to stop and think about the risksthey may well prevent another tragic death.”

Ms Donaldson said it was important for everyone involved in the sector to make safety a priority.

“Farms are hazardous places and sadly the statistics show that when accidents occur on farms they are more likely than in other workplaces to be fatal or serious,” she said.

“This campaign recognizes that changes in behavior and greater awareness of risk can make a difference.

“For example, wearing the correct safety equipment and maintaining and using farm machinery correctly can significantly reduce the chances of injury or death.”

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Beaton and Taylor share the Lions spoils

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Best and fairest: West Lions’ prop Phil Beaton shared the Best and Fairest award with Sam Taylor as over 100 people attended the club’s presentation night.Sam Taylor and Phil Beaton have shared the spoils at Wests Lionspresentation night, putting a positive touch on a troubled end of season.
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Halfback Taylor and prop Beaton both hit the season running and provided the direction the club needed early in the year as coach Shane Rampling built a side that would eventually play their way into a grand final.

Taylor jumped to the top ofthe Group 4 best and fairest table after some inspired early season formand was never far off the front, only just getting pipped by North’s skipper Scott Blanch in the final round.

Beaton has been the heart of the Lions for the last few seasons after captain coaching the side last year, with a move from centre to prop this season not slowing him down at all as he continued to lead from the front all the way.

Beaton’s efforts also saw him claim the Coaches Award, alongside back rower Mitch Dening, who completed a remarkable comeback from a fractured neck.

Electric fullback Dylan Lake picked up the Players Player award, while Barry Benjamin was honoured with a life membership for his tireless service to the club.

In reservesBrian Tighe was best and fairest, while Howard Carter was Players Player, and in the league tag Mel Doring and C Carter shared Best and Fairest with M Ellis taking Players Player and Sara Creighton Rookie of the Year.

Carly Howarth was recognised as Club Person, while Geoff Dillon and Mick Daley were recognised for Outstanding Service.

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Cotter’s volunteer work recognised by NSW Touch

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VOLUNTEERS are the lifeblood of any sport.
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Recognised: Melinda Cotter was awarded the Rod Wise Medal at the NSW Touch Blues Awards in Sydney last week.

And for Port Macquarie Junior Touch Football Association treasurer Melinda Cotter, the long hours put in to ensure the sport locally is run smoothly was recognised on Saturday.

Cotter, along with Brent and Sonya Steep were awarded the prestigious Rod Wise Medal at the NSW Touch Football awards night at Bankstown Sports Club.

They’re the people who put the witches hats out to mark the try line.

They’re the people who organise referees for games.

They’re the people who make sure the fridges are stocked before every competition –whether that’s the social competitions during the week or the junior state cup every year.

Cotter said receiving the award was amazing.

“There’s thousands of volunteers throughout Touch NSW,” she said.

“For me to get selected it’s not just about me, it’s about Brent and Sonya Steep as well becausethe three of us have grown this competition 400 per cent in four years.

“We run the junior state cup with the catering and that’s one of the major reasons this award came to us because they know the hours and the effort we put into make state cup successful for the town.”

She said it was a thanks for the effort that goes in behind the scenes and the early hours sending emails to ensure teams are full.

But she said there was one thing she wanted players to do and it involved the use of two simple words.

“I used to be a player 25 years and 40 kilos ago just like them,” she said.

“I used to rock up to a tournament andjust play. You wouldn’t think about who put the hats out, who stocked the fridges orwho organised the referees.

“So next time you see a committee person or someone putting a hat out or a referee just thank them.”

Touch football has 672,000 members andthousands of volunteers whorun all thedifferent affiliate competitions acrossNSW.

“It’s a major sport and for us to win this award is amazing,” Cotter said.

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Storm pair honoured

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POISED: Georgia Clarke in action for the Storm in 2016. Clarke and Cecilia Lowrey were picked in the V/Line Cup team of the carnival. Ararat Storm footballersGeorgia Clarke and Cecilia Lowreyhave been named among the state’s top junior talent following a strong performance at the under-17 V/Line Cup last month..
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The pair were two of 12Storm players selected in the Western Rebels representative side for the three day event.

They were then selected in the team of the carnival following three games across six daysat Moe and Traralgon in the state’s east.

The 16-year-old Clarke, who is from Hamilton, played most of the carnival at centre half-back.

Lowrey, also 16, is from Warrnambool and attends school in Geelong.

She plays in the mid-field and across half-back.

Clark said it was was a surprise to be named in the team of the carnival.

“It means a lot being recognised for how well I played,” she said.

“It feels pretty special knowing all the hard work has paid off.”

Both Clark and Lowrey play for the Storm in the Ballarat Football League’s youth girls competition.

AFL Western District’s football development manager Alan Thompson said the two girls deserved the accolades.

“Cecilia iscertainly very aggressive at the contest and shows great leadership amongst her teammates,” he said.

“She is very determined to win the ball for her team.

“If I had to compare her to someone, I think she plays in a similar way toJimmy Bartel.”

Thompson said Clarke had developed into becoming the team’s fix-it player.

“She has excellent potential and has the makings to go on and certainly be drafted and play in the national competition if that is what she wants to pursue,” he said.

The carnival saw six regional representative teams compete across three days.

Clarke said playing a high level meant she had to adjust to a faster pace.

“The second game was one of my better games for the year I think,” she said.

“I felt more comfortable by then.”

She said she enjoys the physical side of the contest most.​

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Kidman bidders in Canberra to push all-Australian bid

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South Australian livestock baron, Tom Brinkworth – one of the key players in the all-Australian farming family syndicate set to launch a counter bid by this weekend to block Gina Rinehart’s $365 million Australian Outback Beef offer for S Kidman and Company.
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Some of Australia’s largest grazing families are today set to trump a bid by Gina Rinehart and a Chinese investor for S.Kidman andCompany by going toCanberrato announce a$375 million unconditional bid, renewing political pressure over foreign investment rules.

The all-Australian syndicate that includes scions of the cattle industry – the Buntine, Oldfield and Harris families – as well BRW Rich Listers Tom and Pat Brinkworth, will launch a counter bid to that of Mrs Rinehart and Chinese joint-venture partner Shanghai CRED.

Despite having been denied access to the properties in order to make a bid, the syndicate, known as BBHO, is forging ahead with cattleman Sterling Buntine leading the charge.

“We areinCanberrato let the politicians know we are real, that it’s happening,” Mr Buntine said.

“We will be seeking endorsement for our offer in the same way politicians have endorsed Gina’s.”

Mr Buntine and Malcolm Harris from Gogo Station in WA, representing one of the other syndicate families, are due to front the media talk about their bidwith independent MPs Nick Xenophon and Bob Katter at lunch time today.

Mrs Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting and Shanghai CRED launched a bid worth more than $365mfor the entire S.Kidman andCo business earlier this month with an arrangement that the company’s largest station in the portfolio –Anna Creek Station – would be automatically sold with proceeds to be returned to Hancock and Shanghai’s Kidman business Australian Outback Beef.

Anna Creek Station, next to the Woomera test range, was central in the first decision by the federal government to knock back Chinese bids for the company.

It is understood the syndicate, which has notified theKidmanboard of its intention, will announce today a bid that will be at least $10mhigher than the Rinehart joint venture and will become unconditional at the weekend as Rabobank and the NAB compete to provide funding for the offer which does not require FIRB approval.

The controversial bidding process run by EY contains a $3.8mbreak fee between Kidman andCo and the Hancock joint venture if either decide to walk away.

The new bid from the families will provide for the $3.8mbreak fee.

The decision to announce the bid inCanberracomes amid pressureonthe federal government to further scrutinise the Rinehart bid because of the involvement of Shanghai CRED, which had previously bid for the land but been rejected by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB).

Maverick independent MP Bob Katter has put questionsonnotice to Treasurer Scott Morrison about whether he has held any meetings with Mrs Rinehart over the bid.

He has also asked Mr Morrison what assurances were in place that the majority shareholding inKidmanwould not simply move from Hancock to Shanghai CRED.

Adelaide-based S.Kidman andCo controls just over 10 million hectares and has a cattle-carrying capacity of 185,000.

But the company has recorded several after-tax losses in the past few years, the most recent being a $1.4mloss for the 2013-14 financial year.

However, conditions have now changed and values for both cattle and rural properties have climbed considerably.

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