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Posted on 20 January 2019

POSITIVE: Phillip James enjoys a game of ‘kerplunk’, helping to stimulate brain activity.
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The 2016 Positive Ageing Expo showed no matter what your age, anyone can be a spring chicken.

And to do this you can exercise your body, and your mind.

The expo promotedthe diverse range of activities and programs thecommunity has to offer for people following retirement.

Around 40 stalls were on show including fitness classes, dexterity-stimulating games and information on vital services.

Sprout duo, celebrity chef Callum Hann and dietitian Themis Chryssidis put on live demonstrations to help promote healthy eating.

Themis said biggest challenge facing those after retirement is one facing a lot of people but one that can be tackled.

“Whether or not fresh food is available, the price as well and even the quality, I think those are the main challenges,” he said.

“But that just means we need to be a bit more proactive, we need to plan. It means you need to ensure your skills are taken into consideration, you need to think a little bit outside the square.”

The Partnerships in Positive Ageing (PiPA) Group is a partnership formed by local service providers as recommended in the Port Augusta City Council’s Ageing Strategy 2007-2012 “Making Port Augusta a Better Place to Grow Older”.

The group has participation from providers of aged care services, assessment, carer support, education and training, as well as government representatives.

These aged care stakeholders work together to identify local priorities for older people and implement relevant projects.

The Royal Society for the Blind stand offered great information and products, including a text-to-speech device.

In the form of reading glasses, it uses tiny cameras and speakers,allowing users to recognise abanknote, newspaper or dinner menu with the point of a finger.

At the price of $6000, it may deter some but it’s capabilities are hard to ignore.

The 2016 Positive Ageing Expo has the following objectives:

Promote health and wellbeing.Support social connection.Encourage opportunities for skill development and skills sharing.Foster community engagement.Project Officer Far North Collaborative ProjectTiffany Davies said the expo is an important community event.

“It’s about keeping people socially active and engaged in what’s going on intheir communities,” she said.

“And making them aware about what services are available to help them live longer and independently in their own homes.

“We’ve previously had around 350 last time we held the event at Central Oval so we’rehoping for around 300 people today.”

Whether it’s new technology, a new way to keep fit or a new way to stimulate the mind, there are plenty of services available to current and future retirees in Port Augusta.

Enthusiastic faces at expo EXPO: Andrew Davies, Heahter Sheldon.

EXPO: Adam Hooper and Janine Haynes.

EXPO: Sandra Daldry, Jeff Sanderson.

POSITIVE: Lisa Unnasch helping Phillip James enjoy a game of ‘Kerplunk’, helping stimulate brain activity.

EXPO: Peter Hall, Brian Reichelt.

EXPO: Mark Northway, Bradd Duhring.

EXPO: A group of Port Augusta locals getting into their fitness.

EXPO: Mary Morris, Lyn Wakefield, Barbara Martin.

EXPO: Dyke Davis, Neil Edwards, Trevor Newman.

EXPO: Themis Chryssidis and Callum Hann.

EXPO: Gareth Baker, Anne, Linley Shine, Maralyn Marsh.

EXPO: Irene Coppley, Belinda Coller.

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